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Sedation Options

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from treatment at our office. We offer several different options of sedation for our patients who are having procedures done.

  • Nitrous- Nitrous Oxide is used to help ease a patient while in the dental chair. It is an effective tool for patients who are a little nervous during a procedure but still need to drive themselves or go back to work after words. Nitrous will wear off in approximately 10 minutes while you sit comfortably in our chair breathing through an oxygen maske.
  • Oral Sedation- Patients who prefer oral sedation must have a driver bring them to and back from appointment. Patients are unable to drive for at least 24 hours after taking the oral sedation pill. We like to use oral sedation on patients who are having invasive procedures and are nervous or have moderate anxiety. Patients are relaxed during the procedure and rest well after wards.
  • Intravenous Sedation- At our office we offer IV sedation which is a conscious sedation technique. Patients are able to respond to commands and are able to speak with us if they are having any discomfort or problems. We recommend IV Sedation to patients who have severe anxiety or nervousness. Like oral sedation, IV sedation requires a driver to take them home after the appointment and they are unable to drive/work for 24 hours.

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